Monday, December 28, 2009

I think I'll just do a little recap of what I received for Christmas and my birthday.

I didn't receive much for either but I was given money (which will pretty much be used towards repaying student loans). For Christmas I was given some "pants" (more like leggings with a zipper-fly, back pockets, and fun embelishments...I'm afraid Lindsay Lohan might try to steal them from me), a sweater, camera tripod, and a bag of random little goodies.

On my birthday I was given a pink Snuggie! My mom was a bit bum that she couldn't find a leopard print one (because I totes adore leopard print) buuut I love the pink one more because some of the proceeds go towards Breast Cancer Research (my mom's been clear of breast cancer for 2 years now)...the color is just a bonus. :)

But for real, I've been rocking that Snuggie around the house ever since I opened it. It's freakin' cold around here and my Snuggie-wuggie keeps me nice and toasty!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

You know what I really love (food wise that is)?


I love tacos.

And I really love Taco Bell.

Yo quiero Taco Bell. Srsly.

Barbie Song

Back in the eeearly 90's (or maybe even '89) I had a Barbie that was like a rock star Barbie. She had clothes and a guitar that had glow-in-the-dark spots all over. She also came with a cassette tape that had an awesome song on it that went something like:

Let your light shine
For everyone to see
Light bright (or maybe "light shine" ?)
Shine for you and me

I've been trying to find the song online and thought for sure that someone would have posted it on Youtube...but no luck there. :(

I wish I could find that darn cassette tape! Ugh, that song was incredible!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Recent Dollar Tree Haul

This isn't anything really exciting but what the heck!

Last week I went to Dollar Tree hoping to find some Vital Radiance products but my location didn't have any. :(

But I did buy some apple scented shampoo.

I saw that they had the Maybelline Dream Mousse eye shadow in Black Spice so I had to get it! I heard that it had rainbow glitter in it, which of course made me think of Urban Decay's original Oil Slick (love love love!), so I had to have it. I haven't really tried it yet but I'm hoping it'll be at least a good base. My store only had two colors of the Maybelline Wet Shine gloss in stock (neither had color names on them), a light pinky-mauve with silver shimmer (shown) and a light orange sherbert with silver shimmer. I've always loved the Wet Shine Diamond lipsticks so I figured I'd like the gloss since I'm a gloss girl. I only bought the pinky-mauve but I kind of wish I had bought the orange sherbert one as well. The pink one is really pretty when worn but it does have a gritty texture (more so than the lipsticks). I personally don't mind the texture but I know a lot of people out there dislike it when lip products are gritty.

And then I bought some headphones. I hate, hate, HATE (!!!!!!) those stupid earbuds!!! Can't stand them but they seem to be the only option available under $20 at most stores. The headphones are super flimsy and lightweight so they aren't really great if you're moving around (but I mostly listen to my iPod at night when I'm in bed so it's not that big of a deal to me). Though they are more quiet than the earbuds that come with an iPod. I have to turn the volume up quite a bit more to get the same loudness...but the overall quality of sound is so much better than the earbuds (and that's mainly what I the comfort).

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Guess who saw the amazingly, fantabulously, incredibly, ~*pippinsnazzle-dazzley*~, phenomenal, ferociously, delish Cheap Trick...

ME!!!!! I ended up winning tickets to see them, which made it EVEN better!

It was awesome!!! Though I was seriously hoping that they would play "In The Street" a.k.a. the "That 70's Show" theme song...but they didn't. :( I was all ready to rock out to it too. I could imagine the whole crowd reenacting the opening credits of the show when the cast is in the Vista Cruiser singing along and rocking out to the song. That would've been epic. But the little opening audio montage before the band came on stage had a snippet of the theme song, which was really cool to hear regardless, haha.

But again, the show was incredible!!! :) :D :)

Plus seeing bb Bun E. has really completed my year! But unfortunately there was no sign of my beloved Godwin Alexander. :( However Bret Michael's body guard Big John was there (I should have tracked him down to try to get some kind of hook up to be on the next season of "Rock of Love") as well as Scott Hamilton, Larry David, 2 Foot Fred, and no telling who else!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Last night I had a dream that I was in Florida (possibly Panama City Beach) with my family. We went to a giant shopping center/mallish type place that had some huge movie theater. I got in a tiff with one of my parents so I went off on my own to check the place out. At some point the place morphed into a whole area of a hotel/condo complex and backstage of an arena...there was a huge lobby area that branched out into various hallways. The first one I went down was a "private" hallway. Some VIP athelete I went to high school with had a condo there and I was all "Omg, how funny that there's some dude from my high school here!" Then as I was walking back towards the lobby, a "security guard" started joking around about how I was supposed to have gone down the hall. I then ventured off down another hallway. There was a small crowd of photographers and reporters there waiting for whoever to come out of where ever. I heard the name James Iha thrown around and got super excited. Shortly after some guys appear and the media starts going crazy. I get a glimpse of James and shout out "JAMES IHA, I LOVE YOU!!!" just to get his attention. He turned to look as he was walking with the group of guys, smiled at me, and went on about his business. And that was pretty much the best part of the dream but my dumb dream-self was "Omgz, I just got James Iha's attention!!!" and was super excited!

When I woke up I was so underwhelmed because I've had a waaaay more exciting encounter in real life with James Iha. We totes had an ~*connection*~ while he performed. and then later when I met him he asked "How are you?" and I was all like "Good! I'm good. How are you?" and he was like "I'm good!" and I was like "Good!" was ~*magical*~.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Here's the bead embroidery cuff that I mentioned a few posts back. I finished the edging last night!

It probably took about 30-35 hours but about half of that time was used to sort through the bead mix looking for specific types of beads. I usually stress and hesitate when making things to avoid making mistakes, and everytime I make a mistake it drives me mad. I was able to let it all go on this cuff. There were a few instances where I pulled out some of the beading and re-do it but not nearly as much as there could've been. And another thing, I used acrylic felt. I know a lot of folks who do bead embroidery don't like to use acrylic felt and prefer using interfacing and ultrasuede instead. I didn't have either on hand, and I also wasn't too keen on spending anymore money (plus I don't have access to ultrasuede irl & don't want to order any online). I liked using craft felt as a base and then also using it as my lining. The bracelet is also nice and cushy. I'm guessing it's also easier to wash. I don't know how the felt will hold up over decades (...or even the interfacing for that matter). Oh well, I like it.

More detailed shot

O hai!

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Friday, November 20, 2009

I've been getting a lot of massive blackheads recently. I'm not talking about little clogged pores, I'm talking about it looks like someone's gone all over and dotted my face with a ball-point pen. It's not unusual for me to have one of these huge blackheads every now and then. Heck, I've had acne and been getting them for a majority of my life. But the past few nights I've extracted about 3 a night. Where or earth are they coming from and why now all of a sudden!? Eeeesh!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Srs bznz post, ya'll!

My computer monitor really bums me out. It's had a massive yellow tint for several months now. Every once in a while it'll go back to being normal but it's rare. I've tried jiggling the wire and unplugging/reconnecting it many times. No go. :(

That being said, I can never tell if the colors in my pictures are anywhere near being true to what they are in real life. I'm kind of all ~meh~ about posting anything for that reason.

But I'll go ahead and post this since it's already spent waaaaaaaay too much time on the back burner in the past!

Earlier this year I had a brilliant idea to make a bead embroidered brooch. I dug out some felt, cameo button, and my supply of beads. I debuttonized the cameo button, glued it on the felt, and started beading. It all started out oh-so-clear but then I realized "Oh noez, I'm using up all my favorite beads! I won't have enough for my other projects!"

Derail: I have two major issues that put a big damper when it comes to making things. I have problems with "perfection" and supplies. Luckily this project didn't really have me stressing over making it perfect (Are the beads in line?, Are they all uniform in size/shape?, Do the colors flow?) like it normally would (I let go, yay!). But then supplies are another concern. Not being ridiculously rich is my main problem, haha. Whenever I have a good chunk of money I'll go out and buy all kinds of things to build up a massive stash of goods. I mainly do it with yarn, beads, and fabric. I may have a set idea for whatever supplies I have but then I get to thinking "This would be of better use if I saved it for _____ instead." It's like a game that I'm always playing in my head and I never use it. or whenever I do use it, if possible, I take apart whatever I make so that I can reuse the supplies for a "better" project. It's a cycle that never ends. And because of all this, I often tend to use whatever cheapo materials ($$$ & quality) I have instead to make test pieces, tear them apart, and reuse again to repeat that cycle. I have a fun selection of Swarovskis, Tohos, and Delicas that have gone unused for ~3 years now because I consider them to be my better quality of beads that would be awesome in so many projects but won't ever be incorporated because they're not cheap (I personally can't go and buy whatever whenever I may want/need it).

Alrighty, back on rail. I stopped working on it. Months passed by. I saw this unfinished project almost everyday but decided to ignore it. Then 2 weeks ago I decided to start making a cuff from the same beads (Can't wait until this one is finished! It's another ~*letting go of my issues*~ project for me.). While I was working on the cuff I found some more beads in my enormous stash and decided that this brooch needed to be finished! Er, so about 2 nights later I finished the beading and then the next day broochified it. Wha hoo! And surprisingly, I'm almost finished beading my cuff (gah, that's going to be a new record for me w/ bead embroidery).

Btw, most of the beads I used were bead mixes that came from Michaels. I finally had the mindset "Ah, they always have these beads on sale. I WILL be able to buy more whenever I may need to!" ...they continued to have them on sale but they weren't as discounted and then they stopped carrying them altogether. :( lol! This was what I always feared with my supply issue, however, I'm ok. I'm not all paranoid and wigging out about it. Baby steps, ya'll, baby steps.

Methinks Godwin Alexander would approve. :)

:D :D :D

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

All together now!

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fuuur.
Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr puuurr.

Oh, and ~*Happy Birthday*~ to my boo, Sir Isaac Hanson!!!
How you doin'?
I suppose I'll give Blogger a go.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, I was posting here: