Tuesday, February 9, 2010

An update on the skin care thing, not seeing much difference. I stopped using the Vitamin E oil as a moisturizer. It got to the point of where I was applying twice as much of the oil as I had started out using and my skin continued to get dryer and dryer. I think if I could find a decent moisturizer in general that it would make a huge difference with my skin. Though I must say that the scarring on my cheeks doesn't appear to be as bad as before, so A+ for the Vitamin E Oil in regards to that.

Semi-related to the above, it's been incredibly cold here (as it has in maaaaaany areas). That probably plays a big part as to why my skin is so dry and flakey. Oh! However, while using the Vitamin E Oil at night, during the day my skin wasn't really oily! That was nice since I can usually see the natural oil beading around the pores of certain areas of my face. But anyway, I hate the cold weather. I hate being cold in general. :(

The cold weather does put me in a massive knitting mood...so yay for that?