Tuesday, February 9, 2010

An update on the skin care thing, not seeing much difference. I stopped using the Vitamin E oil as a moisturizer. It got to the point of where I was applying twice as much of the oil as I had started out using and my skin continued to get dryer and dryer. I think if I could find a decent moisturizer in general that it would make a huge difference with my skin. Though I must say that the scarring on my cheeks doesn't appear to be as bad as before, so A+ for the Vitamin E Oil in regards to that.

Semi-related to the above, it's been incredibly cold here (as it has in maaaaaany areas). That probably plays a big part as to why my skin is so dry and flakey. Oh! However, while using the Vitamin E Oil at night, during the day my skin wasn't really oily! That was nice since I can usually see the natural oil beading around the pores of certain areas of my face. But anyway, I hate the cold weather. I hate being cold in general. :(

The cold weather does put me in a massive knitting mood...so yay for that?

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Revisiting my last post, check out what I found!

Thumbs Up

It was a magical moment when I finally stumbled across this gif!

Oh oh, and this too!

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(What a lovely bonus.)

Brendan Fraser should be at the Golden Globes EVERY single year!

The last two weeks have been a big iffy-fest. I was extremely sick (after everyone in my house had had it) last week. This past week things were crazy-busy around here. Now that things have finally calmed down, we're snowed in. It's a little weird because I'm so used to hearing the traffic outside but now the roads are practically abandoned. Every once in a while I'll hear/see a snow plow go through but less than an hour later the street is completely covered again.

In other news, I've recently revived my interest in belly dancing. Seriously, I think it would be awesome to be a professional belly dancer.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Brendan Fraser, you are fine...

I've been in a major Brendan Fraser mood for the past couple of weeks. See, before I was a total Depphead, I was an Alan Rickman fan girl, and before I was an Alan Rickmaniac, Brendan Fraser was the actor!love of my life.

Each day, during the last 2 weeks, I've made it a point to watch at least one Brendan Fraser movie a day. Then last week I got the ~bright~ idea to write a "rap" about him. Then Saturday I recorded the various video clips.

Yesterday evening I was working on editting the clips and heard that the Golden Globes were coming on, so my thought process was "Oh gee, I wonder if Brendan Fraser will be there?" so I got on Twitter and did a search, read where people were mentioning him, and turned on to NBC's Red Carpet Arrivals. Major yawn fest right there. I figured that I'd attempt to watch the award show just in case he receives a wee bit of camera time.

I lost interest in the show but I kept glancing at the screen and watched a few of the awards. I'd already lost hope of seeing him. Then they announced the award for Best Foreign Film (The White Ribbon won btw) and as the guys were going up to accept the award, I saw Brendan kinda walking around behind them. I don't know...I found it amusing.
Someone even Tweeted: "Brendan Fraser is apparently working security at the Globes tonight."

And then during Robert DeNiro's speech about Martin Scorsese, the BEST camera shot of the night happened (which allowed the existence of this little gem):

Brendan Fraser, you are fine.

I also enjoyed the Tweets about this. Apparently he went from "working security" to being the "best/weirdest clapper" at the Golden Globes.

Then there was a shot of him from the side clapping like normal.

And finally, I really wish I had a screen shot of this as well, he gave the camera 2 thumbs up.

Oh man, the De Niro clap alone was worth trying to watch the show.

Anywho, the ~amazing~ video is here for the time being. I was tired of editting it, and tbh I can only take so much of the:

Brendan Fraser, you are fine.
Brendan Fraser, you blow my mind.
Brendan Fraser, you are fine.
Brendan Fraser, you blow my mind.

(yes, I even manage to annoy myself)

But whatev, Brendan is ~*fierce*~ and deserves all the recognition possible! *insert 2 thumbs up*

I can't wait until I accept my award at the 2010 VMAs. ;)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I uploaded the "acne" video related to my previous entry:

I'm trying to find a decent set-up that'll allow me to film the diy video without having an obstructed view of what I'm doing and what-not. Or maybe I'll change the project so to one that'll be easier to film for the time being. I don't know. Meh, surely I'll figure out something and have the video done and uploaded before the weekend is over.

And on another note, I've come up with a ~*pure genius*~ plan of writing a rap for Brendan Fraser. My goal is to woo him and win his beautiful little heart because Brendan Fraser was my Johnny Depp before I really *discovered* Johnny Depp (I spent many years avoiding JDepp solely because of his popularity :[ ). My rap is totes ~*fierce*~ thus far.

Yes, please!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Received some unfortunate news today... Things are going to be extremely rough around here but what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right? The previous 3 years have been a total downhill decline. I was hoping that 2010 will finally be the year that things turn around but I'm disappointed thus far.

I'm trying out a new skin care routine. I'll probably make a video about it. For now I'll just say that it involves using Dove soap, Vitamin E oil, and Burt's Bees Res-Q Ointment while taking Turmeric & Selenium supplements.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Monday night was the Nick Jonas & The Administration concert. That certainly was...interesting. When I entered a contest to win tickets, I entered just for the heck of it and then the rest is history.

Anywho, I love the Ryman! Definitely the best venue in Nashville (that is, if you don't have floor seats back underneath the balcony)!!! Though I didn't even bother to bring my camera since every event I've ever been to there didn't allow cameras. There was all kinds of drama at the Cheap Trick concert over people having to put away cameras. The Nick Jonas tickets even had the whole "No Cameras!" policy printed on both sides. And I'll be darned, everyone had their cameras out going to town taking pics and recording videos. My theory is that there were far too many people with their cameras out that it would've been impossible for the ushers and security to go up to most of the people and give them the usual warning.

I was up in the balcony and kids started freaking out and taking pics of some people in the section next to where I was. These kids were so star struck over some girl who I found out later was the violin player for the Jonas Brothers. Jordan Pruitt (I've heard of her many times but still have no idea what she's famous for) was there. Some girls near me pointed her out but no one cared to approach her (I'm still confused why the violin player was getting so much attention. I seriously thought it was Miley Cyrus at first with the way everyone was acting). Then Michael W. Smith was also about 20 feet from me. He definitely had some major crowdage forming around him.

Some girl named Diane Birch opened for Nick and his band. Girl's got some major talent! Her style reminds me of Carole King and Carly Simon.

Though I will say that Nick Jonas is pretty good. He kind of shocked me. I knew that he's really the one in the JoBros whose heart is really in the music but I was expecting his stuff to be...weak. I liked quite a bit of his new material.

However, I'm pretty sure he was guitar-syncing during at least two of his songs! *tisk tisk* If you're going to lip-sync, guitar-sync, whatever-sync...at least make it seem realistic! Honey-child, it's hard to take your playing seriously if your hands are strumming or playing chords that aren't coming out of the sound system (and I know little home fry didn't have a delay effect in play)!

Friday, January 1, 2010

A couple of days ago I finished knitting my first pair of socks!

My feet stay cold and I hate having to wear my "everyday" socks around the house when I don't plan to go anywhere so I figured making some "house" socks would be the way to go. They're made out of Red Heart yarn (don't hate!) and were a fairly quick project for me. I wanted to work them from the toe up so I used a toe cast on and then a short-row heel pattern/formulation to help me with those parts.

On the first sock I tried to do a yellow/red checkerboard pattern higher up towards the cuff but I wasn't enjoying it so I went with stripes on the second sock. I'm aiming on making my next pair a lot longer (because long socks rock!).