Monday, January 18, 2010

Brendan Fraser, you are fine...

I've been in a major Brendan Fraser mood for the past couple of weeks. See, before I was a total Depphead, I was an Alan Rickman fan girl, and before I was an Alan Rickmaniac, Brendan Fraser was the actor!love of my life.

Each day, during the last 2 weeks, I've made it a point to watch at least one Brendan Fraser movie a day. Then last week I got the ~bright~ idea to write a "rap" about him. Then Saturday I recorded the various video clips.

Yesterday evening I was working on editting the clips and heard that the Golden Globes were coming on, so my thought process was "Oh gee, I wonder if Brendan Fraser will be there?" so I got on Twitter and did a search, read where people were mentioning him, and turned on to NBC's Red Carpet Arrivals. Major yawn fest right there. I figured that I'd attempt to watch the award show just in case he receives a wee bit of camera time.

I lost interest in the show but I kept glancing at the screen and watched a few of the awards. I'd already lost hope of seeing him. Then they announced the award for Best Foreign Film (The White Ribbon won btw) and as the guys were going up to accept the award, I saw Brendan kinda walking around behind them. I don't know...I found it amusing.
Someone even Tweeted: "Brendan Fraser is apparently working security at the Globes tonight."

And then during Robert DeNiro's speech about Martin Scorsese, the BEST camera shot of the night happened (which allowed the existence of this little gem):

Brendan Fraser, you are fine.

I also enjoyed the Tweets about this. Apparently he went from "working security" to being the "best/weirdest clapper" at the Golden Globes.

Then there was a shot of him from the side clapping like normal.

And finally, I really wish I had a screen shot of this as well, he gave the camera 2 thumbs up.

Oh man, the De Niro clap alone was worth trying to watch the show.

Anywho, the ~amazing~ video is here for the time being. I was tired of editting it, and tbh I can only take so much of the:

Brendan Fraser, you are fine.
Brendan Fraser, you blow my mind.
Brendan Fraser, you are fine.
Brendan Fraser, you blow my mind.

(yes, I even manage to annoy myself)

But whatev, Brendan is ~*fierce*~ and deserves all the recognition possible! *insert 2 thumbs up*

I can't wait until I accept my award at the 2010 VMAs. ;)

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