Thursday, January 14, 2010

I uploaded the "acne" video related to my previous entry:

I'm trying to find a decent set-up that'll allow me to film the diy video without having an obstructed view of what I'm doing and what-not. Or maybe I'll change the project so to one that'll be easier to film for the time being. I don't know. Meh, surely I'll figure out something and have the video done and uploaded before the weekend is over.

And on another note, I've come up with a ~*pure genius*~ plan of writing a rap for Brendan Fraser. My goal is to woo him and win his beautiful little heart because Brendan Fraser was my Johnny Depp before I really *discovered* Johnny Depp (I spent many years avoiding JDepp solely because of his popularity :[ ). My rap is totes ~*fierce*~ thus far.

Yes, please!

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