Sunday, November 22, 2009

Here's the bead embroidery cuff that I mentioned a few posts back. I finished the edging last night!

It probably took about 30-35 hours but about half of that time was used to sort through the bead mix looking for specific types of beads. I usually stress and hesitate when making things to avoid making mistakes, and everytime I make a mistake it drives me mad. I was able to let it all go on this cuff. There were a few instances where I pulled out some of the beading and re-do it but not nearly as much as there could've been. And another thing, I used acrylic felt. I know a lot of folks who do bead embroidery don't like to use acrylic felt and prefer using interfacing and ultrasuede instead. I didn't have either on hand, and I also wasn't too keen on spending anymore money (plus I don't have access to ultrasuede irl & don't want to order any online). I liked using craft felt as a base and then also using it as my lining. The bracelet is also nice and cushy. I'm guessing it's also easier to wash. I don't know how the felt will hold up over decades (...or even the interfacing for that matter). Oh well, I like it.

More detailed shot

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