Thursday, November 26, 2009

Last night I had a dream that I was in Florida (possibly Panama City Beach) with my family. We went to a giant shopping center/mallish type place that had some huge movie theater. I got in a tiff with one of my parents so I went off on my own to check the place out. At some point the place morphed into a whole area of a hotel/condo complex and backstage of an arena...there was a huge lobby area that branched out into various hallways. The first one I went down was a "private" hallway. Some VIP athelete I went to high school with had a condo there and I was all "Omg, how funny that there's some dude from my high school here!" Then as I was walking back towards the lobby, a "security guard" started joking around about how I was supposed to have gone down the hall. I then ventured off down another hallway. There was a small crowd of photographers and reporters there waiting for whoever to come out of where ever. I heard the name James Iha thrown around and got super excited. Shortly after some guys appear and the media starts going crazy. I get a glimpse of James and shout out "JAMES IHA, I LOVE YOU!!!" just to get his attention. He turned to look as he was walking with the group of guys, smiled at me, and went on about his business. And that was pretty much the best part of the dream but my dumb dream-self was "Omgz, I just got James Iha's attention!!!" and was super excited!

When I woke up I was so underwhelmed because I've had a waaaay more exciting encounter in real life with James Iha. We totes had an ~*connection*~ while he performed. and then later when I met him he asked "How are you?" and I was all like "Good! I'm good. How are you?" and he was like "I'm good!" and I was like "Good!" was ~*magical*~.

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