Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Srs bznz post, ya'll!

My computer monitor really bums me out. It's had a massive yellow tint for several months now. Every once in a while it'll go back to being normal but it's rare. I've tried jiggling the wire and unplugging/reconnecting it many times. No go. :(

That being said, I can never tell if the colors in my pictures are anywhere near being true to what they are in real life. I'm kind of all ~meh~ about posting anything for that reason.

But I'll go ahead and post this since it's already spent waaaaaaaay too much time on the back burner in the past!

Earlier this year I had a brilliant idea to make a bead embroidered brooch. I dug out some felt, cameo button, and my supply of beads. I debuttonized the cameo button, glued it on the felt, and started beading. It all started out oh-so-clear but then I realized "Oh noez, I'm using up all my favorite beads! I won't have enough for my other projects!"

Derail: I have two major issues that put a big damper when it comes to making things. I have problems with "perfection" and supplies. Luckily this project didn't really have me stressing over making it perfect (Are the beads in line?, Are they all uniform in size/shape?, Do the colors flow?) like it normally would (I let go, yay!). But then supplies are another concern. Not being ridiculously rich is my main problem, haha. Whenever I have a good chunk of money I'll go out and buy all kinds of things to build up a massive stash of goods. I mainly do it with yarn, beads, and fabric. I may have a set idea for whatever supplies I have but then I get to thinking "This would be of better use if I saved it for _____ instead." It's like a game that I'm always playing in my head and I never use it. or whenever I do use it, if possible, I take apart whatever I make so that I can reuse the supplies for a "better" project. It's a cycle that never ends. And because of all this, I often tend to use whatever cheapo materials ($$$ & quality) I have instead to make test pieces, tear them apart, and reuse again to repeat that cycle. I have a fun selection of Swarovskis, Tohos, and Delicas that have gone unused for ~3 years now because I consider them to be my better quality of beads that would be awesome in so many projects but won't ever be incorporated because they're not cheap (I personally can't go and buy whatever whenever I may want/need it).

Alrighty, back on rail. I stopped working on it. Months passed by. I saw this unfinished project almost everyday but decided to ignore it. Then 2 weeks ago I decided to start making a cuff from the same beads (Can't wait until this one is finished! It's another ~*letting go of my issues*~ project for me.). While I was working on the cuff I found some more beads in my enormous stash and decided that this brooch needed to be finished! Er, so about 2 nights later I finished the beading and then the next day broochified it. Wha hoo! And surprisingly, I'm almost finished beading my cuff (gah, that's going to be a new record for me w/ bead embroidery).

Btw, most of the beads I used were bead mixes that came from Michaels. I finally had the mindset "Ah, they always have these beads on sale. I WILL be able to buy more whenever I may need to!" ...they continued to have them on sale but they weren't as discounted and then they stopped carrying them altogether. :( lol! This was what I always feared with my supply issue, however, I'm ok. I'm not all paranoid and wigging out about it. Baby steps, ya'll, baby steps.

Methinks Godwin Alexander would approve. :)

:D :D :D

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