Saturday, December 5, 2009

Guess who saw the amazingly, fantabulously, incredibly, ~*pippinsnazzle-dazzley*~, phenomenal, ferociously, delish Cheap Trick...

ME!!!!! I ended up winning tickets to see them, which made it EVEN better!

It was awesome!!! Though I was seriously hoping that they would play "In The Street" a.k.a. the "That 70's Show" theme song...but they didn't. :( I was all ready to rock out to it too. I could imagine the whole crowd reenacting the opening credits of the show when the cast is in the Vista Cruiser singing along and rocking out to the song. That would've been epic. But the little opening audio montage before the band came on stage had a snippet of the theme song, which was really cool to hear regardless, haha.

But again, the show was incredible!!! :) :D :)

Plus seeing bb Bun E. has really completed my year! But unfortunately there was no sign of my beloved Godwin Alexander. :( However Bret Michael's body guard Big John was there (I should have tracked him down to try to get some kind of hook up to be on the next season of "Rock of Love") as well as Scott Hamilton, Larry David, 2 Foot Fred, and no telling who else!

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