Monday, December 28, 2009

I think I'll just do a little recap of what I received for Christmas and my birthday.

I didn't receive much for either but I was given money (which will pretty much be used towards repaying student loans). For Christmas I was given some "pants" (more like leggings with a zipper-fly, back pockets, and fun embelishments...I'm afraid Lindsay Lohan might try to steal them from me), a sweater, camera tripod, and a bag of random little goodies.

On my birthday I was given a pink Snuggie! My mom was a bit bum that she couldn't find a leopard print one (because I totes adore leopard print) buuut I love the pink one more because some of the proceeds go towards Breast Cancer Research (my mom's been clear of breast cancer for 2 years now)...the color is just a bonus. :)

But for real, I've been rocking that Snuggie around the house ever since I opened it. It's freakin' cold around here and my Snuggie-wuggie keeps me nice and toasty!

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